Your Ultimate Guide to Understanding Our Services and Policies.

How often should you roll?
We recommend 2-3 45-minute sessions a week to begin and see results. To maintain your results in the future, you should continue 1-2 rolls per week or as needed for your body and depending on your weekly workout routine.
What should you wear to your session?
Fitted gym wear (yoga leggings, tights, shorts, sports bra, and t-shirt). Please be advised to attend your sessions in clothing free of zippers and buttons. All jewelry must be removed. Socks are recommended.
Can you body roll while pregnant?
Our machines are several times stronger and more effective than a masseuse. While it is not contraindicated by doctors, we strongly recommend discussing it with your doctor beforehand. If you choose to book a session while pregnant, we will walk you through a safety session and which areas to avoid.
What should you consume before and after your sessions?
We advise you to consume enough water before and after your session to kick start your lymphatic session. Water is available for purchase in our studio, along with other beverages.
Does it hurt?
Body rolling is a highly penetrating massage; on areas of your body with the bone closer to your skin (ex. ribs), you will feel a bit more pressure and could cause slight bruising. However, body rolling is not painful and will feel amazing.
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